The Veterinary


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Today (Monday) I had to take Shiloh to the vet. Her eyes where a bit sticky and she looked a bit hunched. She is eating fine and acting as usual but as a mummy to any species you just want to make sure all is ok so to the vet we went.
I did not go to my usual vet today but went to Beaumont Sainsbury Animal hospital at the Royal veterinary college that should be excellent with exotics as guinea pigs. To get there we had to take the tube. Shiloh wasn’t all to pleased with that on the way there but seemed quite curious on the way back. They where very friendly at the vets and eximinated her thorough. He asked if she is always this big , or if there is a chance she might be pregnant !!? :/ uh well , Shiloh is a big girl and always has been bigger than the others but she is also first to the food always! I said there is no chance of that since my boy Sinclair is neutered and besides Shiloh always been looking like that and my worries is more if she is bloated!? Anyway next thing when checking her reactions was that she, apparently, is almost blind !? What!!? Well at least temporarily he said cause her reaction to blink was slow. Wow! Shouldn’t I have noticed that somehow? She got some liquid in her eye to determent if she has a scratch or something which she did and that is probably hurting her and therefore she looks and feels uncomfortable. We left the vet with eye drops (Tiacil) and some fibers (Fibreplex) for her tummy.



Shiloh ready for her journey to the vet & when back home ; Tiacil eyedrops , Fibreplex for extra fibers, an apple though a piece of apple peel could help ease constipation & Minifom – for gas ( from Sweden usually given to babies with gas and colic and can be given to guinea pigs in small quantities occasionally when having gas or swollen stomach) For stomach symptoms a vet should always be consulted and Minifom only been given if problem is temporary and the guinea pig is it normal self.

X Ann Charlotte

Update: Today Wednesday her eyes looks so much better :)

Lizzie My Angel


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Today it’s 9 years ago since my little friend Lizzie past away. She became an old lady by the ripe age of almost 7. She was very special. A very independent piggy who was happiest when being the only guinea pig. Maybe she loved all the attention she was given and wasn’t so keen on sharing it. I remember she use to sleep under the cover by my feet at night. I miss her so much.

RIP my little Angel Lizzie

X Ann Charlotte

Sinclair, the Acrobat & the Escape artist


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Ooh my! When I got home this evening the cage door was jinxed. Half open! I looked in the cage and they where all there looking at me with little guilty faces. Like they have been up to a lot of no good. So they have managed to escape the jail. I have seen how Sinclair operates sometimes. He is a very smooth jumper for example. He jumps easily over the highest wall into the hay area and straight into the tunnel in front. And he can walk very low almost flat and quick. High and low and flexible as a real acrobat with precise targets. Quick. And he makes it look so easy.

I have also noticed that he likes to move things around. Like the toilet on the lower ground. The guinea pig toilet that is. And the beds and tunnels and other stuff he can move around. He has got a very strong nose.
So no surprise that I see the whole hay basket moved a bit.

Shiloh in turn is very clever and determined so together I can imagine all sorts they could be up to.

Caramel is the little innocent one in my eyes and she just probably tagged along. If she did. She might have stayed inside. Who knows.
I do wonder what they where doing out all by them selves. If they where having a party. Like when the cats away. :)



The cage is now EXTRA extra childproof and if Sinclair manage to jump out of this one I will register him for high jump in the next olympigs! :)

X Ann Charlotte

Life goes on


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It has now been 2 weeks since Ginger passed away. She is missed greatly and it feels empty without her around. The others have adopted fine and seems to enjoy life the same. Only different is for Shiloh cause she is now sleeping alone in the nights. Before she used to be curled up with Ginger.  But she seems to be in good spirit.

Sinclair is now much more forward and running around by him self in the room without hesitation. He has explored every corner. He is also braver when he sees us move around and is not running downstairs as soon as we approach. ( Us humans that is. ) He is still on is guard but is getting used to us now. Yesterday we had another bath. And a hair cut. It went very well. His fur is now so much softer from when I got him. Sinclair is such a cuddly and sweet boy. He Loves to snuggle. He has not yet got the grasp of letting me know when he needs to pee so we do have some accidental dripping occasionally but in time he might learn to let me know. : )

Guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte©-1

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Guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte©-7

Shiloh & Ginger

Guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte©-4

X Ann Charlotte : )

All images copyrighted Ann Charlotte Photography

Ginger has gone to the Rainbow Bridge


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I am heart broken. Beautiful Ginger left us this Monday. She has now gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I am so sad. It happened so quickly. She was all fine when I left in the morning for work. When I got back later in the afternoon she was so ill. She was laying in her tunnel. Almost lifeless , drooling and making small noises like she was in pain. I knew straight away it was her stomach and she felt bloated. She wouldn’t stand and it was almost like she was paralysed. I rushed her to the vet. The vet gave her a thorough  examination and distributed pain killer and medication to calm her stomach and make it work. I got some critical care for force feeding her the coming days until she started to eat on her own. During the visit at the vet I saw Ginger was really making all effort to look better ( as they do) and was even standing up for a few minutes. But when we got home again she relaxed and she was not really well at all. For the next 4 hours I hold her in my arms and occasionally her stomach bloated and I could feel how much pain she was in When her body started to spasm I knew it wasn’t long to go. I stroke her until her last breath. I know she could feel how loved she was and even though this was devastating I am glad I was there until the end.


After I put her in her fleece bed and left her in the cage for a few minutes for the others to be able to understand that she was gone and wouldn’t be looking for her later. Caramel spend the longest time smelling her and even laid down beside her for a few minutes. Like she was saying goodbye. It was so hard to watch but also beautiful. Shiloh spend some time with her before she went and probably already new she was gonna go. But she did sniff her for a moment and then moved on. I could see they understood.


Ginger became 4 years and 4 months old. She and Shiloh has been together all their lifes. When they came to me I didn’t know that Ginger was pregnant but 1 1/2 months later she gave birth to two pups. One , who I named snowflake ,cause it was a cold January night and that is how quickly she left us though she didn’t survive for more than a an hour, and Caramel who was the second.


Gingers last couple of hours and shiloh’s goodbye

All her life Ginger has struggled with a sensitive stomach. Occasionally she become a bit bloated so I was always looking out for her and restricted some food for her and also gave her tummy massages when she was a bit uncomfortable. We have been to the vet before but it was never this severe and I maintained her stomach by making sure her fibre intake was high and she also got probiotic from the vet occasionally. Recently she haven’t had any problems so it came as a total chock that she became so ill so quickly. She might have had something internally for a long long time and maybe we were lucky she stayed with us as long as she did. I know I have done everything that I possible could for her to have the best life. Lots and lots of love and good food and lots of exercise and still , that little thought of could I have done more!? I doubt that I could and it is a bit consoling that she didn’t suffer for to long. I couldn’t bare if it had dragged out for days with no improvement and then maybe even have to take the decision to put her to sleep.

Gosh even though you know they will leave us eventually it is so painful.


RIP my beautiful angel  Ginger October 2009 – February 2014

X Ann Charlotte

All images copyrighted Ann Charlotte Photography

Caramels 4th birthday


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Caramel turned 4 years old this weekend. She is the little one of the girls even though she is only about 4 months younger than Shiloh and her mum Ginger. She got a little bit extra goodies and cuddles than the others to feel a bit special on her day. :)




Caramel is such a cutie and I love her to bits.
Here she is enjoying her cosy tunnel. This fabulous tunnel is from Cosy Cavies where you can find a lot more amazing items.

X Ann Charlotte

All images copyrighted Ann Charlotte photography

Sinclair first haircut in his new home

Sinclair is a sheltie breed of guinea pig. That means he has long hair and need regular hair cuts to keep him neat and clean.
This is new for me though I have only ever had abyssinians and short hair guinea pigs.
He also need a lot of grooming. Which he really enjoys. But Who doesn’t enjoy a little hair pampering. :)

Anyway Sinclair’s first haircut with us was not made by me but by my guinea pig Shiloh! Yup. thats right. I have been seeing her grooming Sinclair in a very sweet way which he seems to enjoy a lot and then a few days ago I started to notice the white on his fur got shorter. So she was actually barbering him too. Barbering could be a sign of dominance but could also be something they do on long hair guinea pig friend. -Please read Peter Gurney’s well written take on barbering. I must say it looks very even all over and as Peter say- made by a top hair stylist, but I hope Shiloh will stop cutting the white bits off since I want to grow that. Maybe she is old fashioned and thinks the boys shouldn’t have longer hair than the girls. : )

Here is Sinclair with a little mohawk styled hair.


X Ann Charlotte

Image copyrighted Ann Charlotte Photography

Beyond the cage


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There is a lot of roaming time outside the cage and my guinea pigs can walk in and out pretty much how they want for a few hours every day.
Today was the first day Sinclair joined the others. And he even made a few rounds by himself too. He explored the whole right side of the cage but did not walk forward or left.
For such a short time that he has been with us he has really relaxed quite a bit and spends almost as much time on the top floor of the cage as the others. Still jumpy though and quick to hide when I get close.
He is a curious little boy and a great explorer. By the end of the weekend I’m sure he have discovered the rest of the room beyond the cage.


X Ann Charlotte


Image copyrighted Ann Charlotte Photography


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