The Grass is Greener


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My piggies are indoor, London City piggies so unfortunately doesn’t have access to fresh outdoor grass. But they are not missing out since I grow my own wheat grass inside. And they love it. : )Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-1 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-2 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-3 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-4 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-5 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-6 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-7 Fresh grass time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-8

X Ann Charlotte

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Bath time, fun time?


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It is time for a bath and it is not something my piggies particularly enjoys. Due to a little   fur disorder on Punky I had to give them all a bath. Including my abyssinian Caramel who never have had a bath before. She was not impressed. Non of them are and while bathing them they give me this, how can you do this to me, look. I always treat them to something nice like a piece of fruit afterwards and they seem to forgive and forget quite quickly. So no love lost.

Luckily they are being spoilt by amazing products from Gorgeous Guineas. They getting their hair done, their nails done and getting their feet rubbed with soothing moisturiser. Pure pampering bliss. : )

Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-14 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-13 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-12 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-11 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-8 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-7 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-10 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-2 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-1 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-4 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-5 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-6 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-3 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-15 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-17 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-16 Bath time-guinea pigs-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-9

X Ann Charlotte

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Twiglet & Punky – Our new family members.


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We have two new girls. : D They are so pretty. I found them on a guinea pig rescue called Palace Piggies in Crawley UK. They are absolutely adorable. They came in to the rescue with about 10 other girls from a possible backyard breeder and all being on pregnancy watch. :/ Luckily either Punky or Twiglet where pregnant.

So one day we went to Crawley on a road trip with Caramel and Sinclair to see if they would bond with the new girls. At the Crawley centre we where met by two lovely ladies called Lynn and Lis who are running the rescue. Twiglet and Punky had spend time with a foster mummy since beeing rescued called Lindsay and she was there too. Lindsey runs a holiday boarding place called the Lodge for guinea pigs which is handy if you go on holiday and need somebody to look after them for you while you are away. -Contact details through the Palace Piggies website.

Ohh my where these girls beautiful. Age guessed to be about 1 year for Punky and 6 months old for Twiglet (possible the daughter of Punky ) They are massive compare to Caramel and Sinclair. Big, Beautiful & fluffy guinea pigs. Looks like they are a peruvian mix of some sort.  The bonding took place on neutral ground and it went exelent. Very easy. : ) The ladies at the rescue thought it as one of the easiest bonding they had in a while.  So happy that it went well. It meant we could take them with us straight away. So now this girls where to become London girls.

I’ve been told they where very timid and needed lots of handling. They did get lots of cuddles at the foster career so they were more used to getting handled now then when they first arrive to the rescue.

They will definitely get lots of cuddles and attention here with us.

Twiglet & Punky-Ann Charlotte Photography©-4

Twiglet & Punky

Twiglet & Punky-Ann Charlotte Photography©-3

Twiglet & Punky-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1

X Ann Charlotte

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Happy Birthday Sinclair!


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 Sinclair turned 2 in April. Don’t know the exact date but he got celebrated on the 13th April so that will be his official birthday. He enjoyed some fresh veggies, not very different from any other day,  but he also got some extra  cuddles and plenty of attention.

Sinclair is such a sweet piggie. So kind and he is so much more forward now and he even let me pick him up without any or little chasing sometimes. He talks a lot and seems very happy. He and Caramel has become very close the last couple of weeks. That is making me really happy though I have been worried about Caramel getting depressed now when both her long time friends are sadly gone.

Sinclair_2 year-Ann Charlotte Photography©-3

Sinclair_2 year-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1

Sinclair_2 year-Ann Charlotte Photography©-2

x Ann Charlotte

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Cosy beds


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Guinea pigs love to snuggle up cosy and warm and a cosy bed is a hit among my guinea pigs. They absolutely adores them. I have bought plenty for them to allow them to have one each since they not always keen on sharing but still it seems like the best one is the one already taken so they do push each other out from time to time.

The cosy beds and tunnels seen here are from Cosy Cavies. They are of fantastic quality and can be washed over and over again without loosing their shape. There are lots of different fabrics and patterns to choose from.

Guinea pigs-cosy beds-Ann Charlotte©-2

Guinea pigs-cosy beds-Ann Charlotte©-1

Shiloh & Ginger

Guinea pigs-cosy beds-Ann Charlotte©-3

Caramel & Ginger

Guinea pigs-cosy beds-Ann Charlotte©-5 Guinea pigs-cosy beds-Ann Charlotte©-4

Ginger & Shiloh

X Ann Charlotte

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Shiloh R.I.P -You Will Never Be Forgotten.


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It is with a very very heavy heart I am writing this. Shiloh has joined Ginger on the Rainbow Bridge. It was a while ago now. On Tuesday the 25th March. But it affected me so badly that I have not been able to write a single thing. I just needed time to heal. And now I am ready to post this goodbye to Shiloh and make her justice. I also have some very happy news and other updates to fill you in with this week coming.

But first Shiloh

Shiloh-RIP-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1

As I wrote last I took her to the vet for her eye and she was noticeable better in a few days and back to her own self in no time. I was very happy about that although she had lost a tiny bit of weight. On the sunday we where cuddling and I felt a small lump under her chin and I knew instantly that she was getting back the lump she had over 1 1/2 years ago and that she had to get removed by operation. – Short summary from that time is that Shiloh got a lump that rapidly grew in a couple of weeks and at the same time she dropped drastically in weight. The vet first gave her an antibiotic to try if it could possible be a abscess. Didn’t make any different and the next step was to either take a sample or remove it straight away. Since she was loosing weight, ( no other symptoms where present) I decided to do the operation sooner rather than later. The operation was successful but complicated. She had to stay a day extra at the surgery but when she finally got home after two days she was herself in a couple of days. such a relief. The vet and I (after some researching) agreed that the lump most possible had been the thyroid, because of the location and the rapid weight loss.

                     Back to now. So after noticing that lump I went straight back to the vet. We have another veterinary clinic now from the last time and we agreed that we should do a blood test to find out what was going on inside Shiloh rather than go straight into operation. But they would call the old vet and get the history of Shiloh. Quite a lot of blood needed to be taken and also around the lump so a very short anaesthetic was gonna be done to safely draw the blood. The vet said she has done this without problems so many times and I knew the vet was very good and didn’t worry about it. I was more worried that Shiloh was gonna loose weight and as she is older now not being as strong if conditioned worsened. It was gonna take a couple of hours to get her back. But after more than a couple of hours had passed I felt a terrible feeling and after being told the vet was busy but will call me back when i called the reception I knew something was not right. When the vet finally called me and delivered the news that Shiloh hadn’t made it my whole world fell apart. I couldn’t understand what had happened until the day after when me and my boyfriend went to the vet together to get all info.  The test and the anesthetic had gone well. Shiloh had woken up and been awake for about two hours looking good in recovery and then, she had a heart failure she didn’t return from and the vet said she and her team did everything they could to get her back. The pain I felt was underscrible. So many thoughts run through my head. I felt it was my fault because I had agreed to the test and had they done the right thing.!? Well. It is always like that when you have to make decisions about a pets health. Even though she might have appeared healthy I knew that because of the lump I did do the right thing by taking her so soon. The vet wanted to do a post-mortem to  see if there was anything that might have gone wrong with the drawing of blood or if they could see any other reason to what had happened. The post-mortem showed that Shilohs heart and heart walls where enlarged and also contained fluid and so did the lungs. Water in the lungs could apparently happened after death so might have not been the cause. The biggest guess was the heart condition she seemed to have had quite possible from the thyroid.  I have now done an individual cremation for her and will spread the aches over Gingers resting place.

Shiloh was the boss of them all in the herd. The Queen B. She was the strongest and biggest. Always in charge. She was the first to the food, always, and the one that made the most noise. She was a real character and it went very quiet at home after she was gone.

She is missed so much but I hope she having a good time with her soul mate Ginger on the Other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Shiloh & Ginger -RIP-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1

Shiloh & Ginger RIP

X Ann Charlotte

Images copyrighted Ann Charlotte Photography


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