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It has now been 2 weeks since Ginger passed away. She is missed greatly and it feels empty without her around. The others have adopted fine and seems to enjoy life the same. Only different is for Shiloh cause she is now sleeping alone in the nights. Before she used to be curled up with Ginger.  But she seems to be in good spirit.

Sinclair is now much more forward and running around by him self in the room without hesitation. He has explored every corner. He is also braver when he sees us move around and is not running downstairs as soon as we approach. ( Us humans that is. ) He is still on is guard but is getting used to us now. Yesterday we had another bath. And a hair cut. It went very well. His fur is now so much softer from when I got him. Sinclair is such a cuddly and sweet boy. He Loves to snuggle. He has not yet got the grasp of letting me know when he needs to pee so we do have some accidental dripping occasionally but in time he might learn to let me know. : )

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Shiloh & Ginger

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X Ann Charlotte : )

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